Which Arctic Character Are You?

Give the best possible answer to each of the following questions.

Do you usually want things:
just penciled in
settled and decided

In stories, do you prefer:
fantasy and heroism.
action and adventure.

In most situations, you are more:
deliberate than spontaneous.
spontaneous than deliberate

Do you more often see:
what's right in front of you.
what can only be imagined.
not a damn thing.

You are more interested in:
what is actual.
what is possible.

You see yourself as basically:

You like writers who:
use metaphors and symbolism.
say what they mean.

You find visionaries and theorists:
somewhat annoying.
rather fascinating.
wandering around in a snowstorm.

When in charge of others, you tend to be:
forgiving and lenient.
firm and unbending.

You tend to be more:
factual than speculative.
speculative than factual.

You would rather have more:
strength of will.
strength of emotion.

At work you tend to:
be sociable with colleagues.
keep to yourself.

When you finish a job, you like to:
move on to something else.
tie up loose ends.

You are more:
serious and determined.

You are more comfortable:
after a decision.
before a decision.
without pants.

You are more prone to:
exploring the possibilities.
nailing things down.

You are more inclined to be:
leisurely than hurried.
hurried than leisurely.

You make your decisions based on:

You tend to notice:
opportunities for change.

You consider yourself:
a good listener.
a good conversationalist.

When you have to disappoint someone, you are:
warm and considerate.
frank and straightforward.

You prefer to work:
to deadlines.

You feel better about:
keeping your options open.

You prefer:
harmonious relationships.
consistency of thought.
wicked hot chicks.

You are:
an outgoing person.
a private person.

You are ruled by:
your feelings.
your thoughts.

Now go read Arctic.